The New Nikon Z 50

The Z 50 is Nikon's first DX-format mirrorless camera. It inherits its design and operability, reliability, and future possibilities as a mirrorless system from the Nikon Z 7 and Nikon Z 6, further improving on those characteristics and condensing them into a compact, lightweight, and durable body capable of superior rendering capabilities and rich power of expression. It is equipped with the Z mount, which is compatible with both the NIKKOR Z DX and NIKKOR Z FX, ensuring support for all NIKKOR Z lenses and allowing users to enjoy great variety in imaging expression.

The Z 50 has an effective pixel count of 20.9 megapixels, and is the first Nikon DX-format camera to be equipped with a CMOS sensor that incorporates focal-plane phase-detection AF pixels. Adoption of this image sensor, along with the EXPEED 6 image-processing engine, has made a broad range of standard ISO sensitivities — ISO 100-51200*1 — possible for superior image quality with very little noise throughout that range. The camera is also equipped with features such as mid-range sharpening and Creative Picture Control, enabling support for creative imaging expression equivalent to that offered by the Z 7 and Z 6. When NIKKOR Z lenses are used, the Z 50 demonstrates superior resolution and rendering capabilities with both recording of still images, and videos.

It has a 3.2-inch, approximately 1040k-dot tilting TFT touch-sensitive LCD monitor that supports touch operation that smartphone users will find familiar. The tilting monitor has a wide range of movement that enables recording of still images and videos from a variety of angles, and also supports selfies. The Z 50 also supports recording of 4K UHD movies without any crop. Further, the SnapBridge app can be used to transfer photos and videos recorded with the camera to a smart device*2, allowing users to easily share them with others via social media.

The Z 50 is a compact and lightweight, high-performance mirrorless camera that combines the rich power of expression afforded by still images and videos exhibiting superior image and picture quality with simple and intuitive operation. It empowers users looking to express their own individuality through high-quality images. Releasing the Z 50 for a wide variety of users, including those advancing from smartphone photography, will help Nikon to expand its foothold in the Z mount system mirrorless camera market.

Compact and Lightweight Body

Superior rendering performance and rich power of expression have been concentrated into a compact and lightweight body with the Z 50. Despite the compact and lightweight body, the camera is easy to operate, with a grip that is formed for a comfortable and secure hold, and all operational buttons and controls positioned for right-handed operation. The shutter-release button is arranged such that the user needs simply to extend their index finger for natural operation. Furthermore, an even more compact and lightweight system is achieved when the camera is used with NIKKOR Z DX lenses, which are released at the same time.

EXPEED 6 image-processing engine

The EXPEED 6 image-processing engine works with the Nikon DX-format CMOS sensor to achieve the highest standard sensitivity in the class*1 for still-image shooting – ISO 51200.*2 This also makes it possible to achieve the sharpest and clearest still images and videos with very little noise, even when recorded at high sensitivities, of any Nikon DX-format camera. The Z 50 is also equipped with features such as mid-range sharpening and quick sharp for Picture Controls, allowing users to enjoy the same imaging options available with the Z 7 and Z 6.

What's more, the Z 50 is equipped with a total of 20 Creative Picture Controls that can be freely applied to achieve a variety of imaging effects, and scene modes that enable capture of beautiful photos, even by beginners, by automatically optimizing settings to suit the scene selected by the user. Additionally, the Z 50 is also equipped with Special Effect modes that allows users to produce unique images with options such as Photo illustration and Toy Camera Effect. All of these features can be applied to both still images and videos*3, with their effects reflected in the camera monitor or EVF display when recording, making it possible for users to achieve images just as they intended.

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Nikon Z50 Size

Nikon DX-format camera to be equipped with a CMOS sensor

The hybrid AF system uses an algorithm optimized for the DX-format sensor, and focuses by automatically switching between focal-plane phase-detection AF and contrast-detect AF. The Z 50 is equipped with eye-detection AF*2, which recognizes and focuses on an eye of human subjects, even as they are moving. Eye-detection AF can also be used when NIKKOR F lenses are attached using the FTZ Mount Adapter (optional). Further, the AF system built into the Z 50 makes the camera able to focus better in darker situations when compared to any APS-C size or DX-format mirrorless camera in its class*3. It can focus automatically in surroundings as dark as -4 EV*4. The autofocus and auto-exposure continue to function with high-speed continuous shooting at approximately 11 fps*5.

Lenses Available With the Z Mount System

The Z mount supports both the NIKKOR Z DX and NIKKOR Z FX formats, so all NIKKOR Z lenses, including the NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR and NIKKOR Z DX 50-250mm f/4.5-6.3 VR lenses released at the same time, as well as the S-Line lenses which demonstrate an outstanding optical performance, can be used with the Z 50.
In addition, the FTZ Mount Adapter increases the variety of lenses that can be used with the camera to include approximately 360 NIKKOR F lenses from AI type onwards, allowing users to enjoy limitless possibilities for imaging expression.

Z 50 7 620x465

Intuitive operation that allows users to easily express their intent

The Z 50 is equipped with a 3.2-inch, approximately 1040k-dot tilting TFT touch-sensitive LCD monitor that supports touch operation similar to that of a smartphone. It also offers a new function button for zoom in, zoom out, and help on the touch panel. The electronic viewfinder (EVF) not only offers a natural view, but also supports the same operations as the camera monitor, allowing users to adjust a variety of camera settings without taking their eye away from the viewfinder. Especially noteworthy is the fact that the i button and i menu, which allow users to quickly adjust a variety of settings with the press of a button without accessing camera menus, can be used to apply or adjust settings, the effects of which are immediately reflected in the camera monitor or EVF. As the effects of changes to Creative Picture Control and Special Effects made via the i button and i menu can be confirmed immediately, users can easily and instantaneously apply their favorite imaging effects for more creative expression.

Equipped with Self-portrait mode

The Z 50 is equipped with a tilting monitor that can be adjusted through a broad range of angles, enabling the recording of selfies as still images or videos. When Self-portrait mode is enabled, operational controls and buttons other than the shutter-release button, including the multi selector, are locked to prevent accidental misoperation and allow for a firm grip on the camera.

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1634 Z50 Top

Variety of movie-recording functions

The Z 50 supports recording of DX-format based full-frame 4K UHD movies, allowing users to enjoy high-quality videos with a sharper look. In addition, Creative Picture Controls, which enable more unique imaging expression, can be applied with movie recording to suit the user's preferences or creative intent. Further, the camera is equipped with a variety of movie-recording functions, including a slow-motion movie function and a time-lapse movie function that generates 4K UHD and Full HD time-lapse movies in-camera.

Support for the SnapBridge app that allows for immediate sharing of photos and videos via SNSs

The Z 50 is also compatible with the SnapBridge app, which can be used to immediately transfer still images and videos recorded with the camera to a smart device. This allows for the sharing of high-quality images recorded with the Z 50 via social media.

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Additional Features

Nikon's first DX-format camera to be equipped with silent photography that eliminates shutter release sound

When a VR lens is used, Dual Detect Optical VR is enabled to reduce the effects of camera shake generated with shooting

Adoption of magnesium alloy ensures a very strong and durable body

Equipped with a manual pop-up flash

Support for the ML-L7 Remote Control (optional), which is capable of a variety of operations, including zooming,still-image shutter release, and starting and stopping movie recording, over a Bluetooth® connection to the camera